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Welcome to FlexiConsult

At FlexiConsult, we strongly believe that an empowered team is a highly productive team and so employers need to constantly empower, train and develop their teams in order to get big payoffs in terms of productivity, loyalty, knowledge and contribution.

Although many organizations fear to train their staff fearing to lose them thereafter, research has shown that staff usually leave managers and not necessarily the company for which they work.They leave for reasons like not being appreciated, high stress levels, lack of clear roles and responsibilities and being unsure of their career growth opportunities in the same organization/company.

Therefore in order to address the staff retention issue and the costs that go along with high staff turnover in business, the competence of the Managers must be addressed.

At FlexiConsult, we believe that if the Manager problem is addressed, half the organizational issues on productivity and ethics are solved. As such we have chosen to focus on Management Development training as a flagship product.


“To be the Leading Training and Development firm in Uganda by 2016”


“To develop competence and good work ethic in the Uganda workforce”

Our Services

Staff Training and Development

Staff Training and Development

Most personnel are promoted on the basis of their technical competence while their management skills are not adequately developed. As such this sets them up for failure as managers or supervisors from the onset.

We assist in closing this gap by developing and training in the requisite business and management skills. Our training is very interactive and commits the participants to action plans where the skills can be easily transferred to the workplace. We base the training on the needs of the organization whose foundation is the organizational goals or vision.

Our training material is of international standard and accredited by the Institute of Commercial Managers, UK.

Our trainers are competent Ugandans with experience in industry but also consulting and therefore have been exposed to International best practice.

Training Needs Analysis

Training Needs Analysis

At FlexiConsult, we help you identify gaps in employee training and other related training needs. We do this through interaction with your employees either one on one, through group brainstorming sessions or using some assessment tools. We then come up with a report that will give recommendations on what we think the training gaps are and how they can be filled.

Employee Assessment Products

Employee Assessment Products

Our approach to development is wider than just training. We provide you with the option of assessing your staff using well researched online assessment tools. For this, we are affiliated with international organizations that provide the assessment tools. The results of these assessments are used to inform the training programs we recommend so that the training is relevant and specific to organizations or groups of individuals. We have these right from leaders, to the sales teams, customer service teams etc. We also have assessments of integrity as a key component of these tools.

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